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i have only one update to make. life is good.

as you may have noticed, i now have a new journal (the link is directly below)..i transfered all the scribble entries over, so you can refer back and keep track of my latest meloromantic blather, all at once in the comfort of your own home. meloromantic is my current favorite word. i invented it.
im still lacking in a new guestbook..i found one thats adequate, but im not terribly fond of it. if anyone knows where i can find one with more layout control, let me know.
the end of the year approaches in a matter of days, so im (obviously) still tied up as far as updates are concerned. however, never fear, soon classes will end and ill be back to my dull life again, and once more will have many a new entry for you, the people.
id like to get contributions from my friends for another site. kids, if you have anything, please mail me. otherwise ill have to resort to thievery.


(sad city.)

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