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currently, my personal recommendation to the public is that you turn your attention to three charming and incredibly talented gentleman from fredericton, new brunswick. they form the group das radio, who i guarantee will be easily some of the best independent music to ever tickle your eardrums.
i personally find das radio diffucult to place into a genre, and therefore shall not attempt. however, i assure you that they are well worth a listen, regardless of your musical preferences. each member of das radio has an incredible sense for their music. the songwriting is clever, the melodies infectious. and besides their obvious talent, these three are easily the most down to earth and goodhearted musicians i have ever met.
also, das radio have recently been charted in exclaim magazine. (*applause*)
i implore you to support them, as they deserve every bit of recognition they recieve, and scores beyond. for information on upcoming performances, or to purchase their ep, "peters koala adventure", visit the link below.

das radio, rock superstars.